The Thought for the Day – Gore Vidal

No one may hasten or alter his destiny. – Gore Vidal, Creation

We all have something to do in this life. Nature sees to that by issuing everyone assorted and different talents and ambitions at birth. What we do with those talents and ambitions is up to us. We can utilize them or we can squander them. The happiest lives are lived by those who utilize them. Those are looking back at a life that did not turn out as expected may well have ignored the gifts they were born with.

Key is to show patience. It’s a long life for most of us and if we are going to have a satisfying life we must follow the path we were meant to take. Eventually, we will get to where we were meant to go.

The hard part in making or time serve us is not the actual labor involved. If we are following our hearts and trusting our instincts, the actual work is easy, even if it is physically or mentally challenging. The hard part is doing it every day. And every day means every day. We can’t be on our path one day and not the next, or not for a few days and not for the following weeks. The focus required to do something every day, even something we were meant to do, is the biggest challenge in scaling the mountain of accomplishment.

No one may hasten or alter his destiny…

What is meant to happen in our lives will happen, but only if we let it. It’s not always easy. It takes patience, and even though we have a fresh day every morning, the days are relentless. They will never stop; there were millions of days before we favored humanity with our presence and there will be millions more after we are gone. The focus required to face the relentless days is life’s great challenge. To conquer each relentless day is life’s great prize.

When we rise each morning we can either make that day serve us, or we can serve another day in our sentence on this planet. To a degree that might astonish some, the choice is ours.


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