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In the city, people paid to hear other people sing and watch other people feel. Passion has become a spectator sport supported by emotional cripples. Love and suffering were knacks possessed by the talented paid to display their gifts. – Lawrence Sanders, The Third Deadly Sin

Lawrence Sanders (1920-98) was an American writer. After graduating college he worked in a department before serving our country honorably in the United States Marine Corps in World War II. Sanders did not begin writing novels until his 50’s. We read The Third Deadly Sin many years ago – in the early 90’s, judging by its placement in our quotebook – and while we seem to remember it was a mystery story and part of a series, we’ve long forgotten what the third deadly sin was.

Us humans have enjoyed being entertained since time immemorial. From revels around the fire after a day’s hunting and gathering to today’s myriad of entertainment options, it’s normal to enjoy being entertained and it might surprise some to find out we are not complete dullards and actually enjoy being entertained from time to time ourselves.

Love and suffering were knacks possessed by the talented paid to display their gifts…

Love and suffering are emotions that are not reserved exclusively for those paid to display those emotions. They are also meant to be felt by us. Love is life’s great prize, but it isn’t always the end of the rainbow. Sometimes it seems like the end of the rainbow, but sometimes it seems barely beyond tolerance. Suffering isn’t fun, of course, but those who avoid it are missing out on a rich and necessary part of our human experience.

Passion has become a spectator sport…

Our lives aren’t meant to be spectator sports. They’re meant for us to go out and play a leading role in, a collection of countless scenes that end only when we die. Our lives have myriad paths that are waiting to be followed and we can only lead the life we are meant to live if we are out following them. Sitting and letting our talents waste will not do ourselves or our fellow beings any good. Those that make a go of it in this life are those who make their own lives their favorite form of entertainment. We must take the lead role in the acts that make up our lives.

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