The Thought for the Day – March 11, 2016

…she was saved by the native shrewdness that goes hand in hand with personal ambition. – Ursula Curtiss, Letter of Intent

Ursula Curtiss was an American writer, usually of mystery stories, one our favorite genres. This book was about a one-time housekeeper who manages to work her way up the social ladder. The native shrewdness Ms Curtiss writes about comes in handy when her plans to marry well come perilously close to being ruined.

Perhaps intrigue isn’t the best context in which to discuss this, but the quote is applicable to everyday life as well. All of us have it inside us to find the native shrewdness that goes hand in hand with personal ambition.

We talk a lot in this space about making your time serve you and following the path you were meant to take while on this planet. When a person is doing this he or she finds the native shrewdness Ms Curtiss talks about because once you are committed to making your time serve you, your life is on auto-pilot. Your instincts will keep you on your path and will tell you when you’re not on your path.

This happens to me as a writer from time to time, usually when I committed to doing something and it was a time I really should’ve been behind a keyboard. In these instances there is something inside that says I am off-kilter, that I should be doing something else and it doesn’t go away until I am doing something else.  Once you’ve committed yourself to a goal, nature takes over and provides the focus required. It’s when we are doing things we really weren’t meant to be doing that we are disinterested and get distracted easily and end up living lives that are unfulfilling.

…by the native shrewdness that goes hand in hand with personal ambition.

Native shrewdness, the auto-pilot that will take you to where you are supposed to go in this life, is there for everyone willing to follow their heart and trust their instincts. Our hearts will tell us where we want to go. Our instincts with show us how to get there.


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