The Thought for the Day – An Old Hindu Saying

Everything has happened. Everything will happen.

Today’s Thought is unattributed because while we’ve seen this sentiment attached to the Hindus, we would not completely die of shock if other peoples – the American Indians come to mind – have expressed this sentiment, too.

Today’s Thought is true both in the short term and in the long term.

Right now, the news is dominated by war, the economy, the Middle East and a president of the United States who soon enough might well be engulfed by scandal. 45 years ago the news was dominated by war, the economy, the Middle East and a president of the United States who soon enough might well be engulfed in scandal.

Taking an even larger view of matters, our Human Experience has always been mired by war, economies where labor and capital continuously do battle and leaders who are not always acting in the public good. It’s the way the world has been built since time immemorial and the way it will continue.

It takes experience and wisdom to realize that, advances and discoveries notwithstanding, we are not really charting new ground. The strong continue to exploit the weak. Every single one of us continues to act in our own self-interest, the only difference being what that self-interest is. For some, self-interest is personal gain, for others, the common good. 

Everything has happened…

And it will never stop happening, either. Our species will continue to advance, sometimes seemingly in spite of ourselves, despite the obstacles we face and the damage we cause.

Does this mean we have to stand back and presume everything is inevitable?

Of course not. An equal part of History’s long march is someone acting out of conscious and leading others to stand up and be counted, to make a difference in how us humans act towards to each other.

Everything will happen…

Not only to us collectively, but as individuals, too. The years will continue to pass and the choice is ours whether ten years from now are lives are different or the same as they are today.

Yes, our passage on the planet is, to quote Sir Walter Scott, a brief parenthesis in time. We can blindly accept what we choose to be inevitable, or we can act out of conscious for the life, nation and planet that we want.

The choice is ours, and we must make it every day, before time makes it for us.

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