Thought for the Day – February 8 2016

Insanity triumphed because sane people were silent. – Randy Shilts

Randy, a reporter who died of AIDS in 1994, was writing about the utter lack of action on the part of the authorities at the start of the AIDS epidemic. He might as well have been writing about America today.

We are a once-great nation with a myriad of problems that if not checked will destroy us before this half-century is out. Does anyone really believe we can continue with endless wars and an $18 trillion national debt with impunity? Anybody who tries to tell you we can is either deluding themselves, trying to delude you or, as likely as not, both.

We can’t. Deep down, I think we all know that, however the comfort of the familiar is difficult to overcome, even when it is not serving us well. Our 2014 midterm elections showed that better than anything: we reelected 96 percent of incumbents to a Congress that had an eleven percent approval rating.

Sane people were silent.

It’s time sane people like you and me – we the people – speak up. It’s time for us to get our country back. And it’s not that hard, either, because the government we want is never farther away than the next election. All we need is concerned and conscientious citizens determined to make something good happen for America.

The sane, you and me, must stop being silent.


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