Thought for the Day – February 9, 2016

Nothing is weaker than water, yet when united it can become a titanic force. It overcomes because it is relentless. – Deng Ming Dao, 365 Tao 

This is because water, like humans, must follow its path. Water has no other options. After falling over a cliff water flows into a stream and follows the path laid out before it. It can’t go and do something else on its own. Water that finds itself off its path merely sits there and does nobody any good. Water accepts its path willingly and naturally and nourishes everything it comes in contact with although enough water, of course, can be destructive.

A human life is like water. We all have a path we were meant to take, and if we are going to ourselves and anyone else any good we had better be on that path. Humans that are not on their path generally are not doing themselves or anybody else any good.

It overcomes because it is relentless.

Water overcomes because it never quits: a waterfall becomes a stream, and a stream becomes a river and follows its path to its ultimate destination.

We must do the same thing.

It’s not always easy. Every day there are a thousand distractions. Our own nature tells us to take the easy way and there are always outside factors demanding our time. Like water, we must be relentless in following our path to its destination.


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