Daily Report: Monday, June 4, 2018

Writing is like anything else, it is best done when one is not too tired. So when the time we usually write The Sunday Bottom Ten came along and we were beat, we decided it was best not to write it because we are never entirely thrilled with what we produce when our brain is not humming on all cylinders. We were too tired to write a Daily Report for Sunday, too. So we finished up today for you.

Sparrow’s hotel jobs are pretty low key and seldom do their events make The Diary of a Nobody but it was pretty busy at Hotel A on graveyard Sunday morning, so we have that to bore you, plus some exciting drivel from the retailer.

In other news, our latest novel Criminals, Courtesans and Constables is almost done, a bit sooner than we thought we’d get to this point. It may sound odd the end of a book catching a writer by surprise but this did. Of course, I knew how I want the book to end, but when it turned up being right around the corner we were somewhat taken aback. It is analogous to walking out of a clearing all of a sudden even though you knew the end of the clearing was there. Oh, there it is. The end of the book is up ahead. 

This is both good and bad. Good because a writer starts writing a book so he can finish it. Bad because a book is your baby and writing the first draft is fun and you hate to see it end.

On This Date:
In 1783 – Man flies for the first time when the hot air balloon is demonstrated publicly for the first time by brothers Josef and Jacques Montgolfier in Annony, France. The flight covered a bit more than a mile and lasted for ten minutes.

In 1911 – The Cincinnati Reds defeat the Boston Braves 26-3 as 13 Reds score runs, a major league record that stood until 1999.

In 1983 – Flashdance…What a Feeling By Irene Cara is number one for the second of six weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100. Cara co-wrote the lyrics with Keith Forsey while the music was composed by Giorgio Moroder. It was the third biggest song of 1983 and was #26 on Billboard’s All-Time Top 100 in 2008.

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