Daily Report: Sunday, July 1, 2018

It’s official, Sparrow is not going to die from the slicing he suffered Friday at the retailer. Also in today’s edition of The Diary of a Nobody, for the second consecutive year Sparrow and The Wife have baby robins at The Shire, as the latest crop has hatched in the nest by the kitchen door.

The Sunday Bottom Ten is back, with the US Supreme Court’s union ruling, Harley-Davidson and the World Cup occupying this week’s medal stand. There were so many eligible entires that two weekly entries, The Sunday Continental Cup and American Electorate, were given the week off.

One year ago today The Thought for the Day was from a friend of ours named Moussa. Moussa is from Senegal, where Moussa appears to be a fairly common name, and today’s Thought was the result of a conversation we had about dictators in his native Africa, of which there are generally plying their trade at any given time, and Moussa thought perhaps it happened because nobody said no. (Note: a subscription is not required to read The Thought for the Day.)

On This Date:
In 1867 – Canada comes into being with the passage of The British North America Act, 1867. The Act merges the colonies of Canada (now Ontario and Quebec) and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia into one nation. Today, Canada has ten provinces and three territories and this national holiday is known as Dominion Day.

In 1903 – The first Tour de France bicycle race begins with a refreshing 293-mile stage from Paris to Lyon. Even back then doping was a problem, with racers slamming brewskis to help ease the pain of the long stages. Riders rode as individuals back then and not as part of teams and the leader was identified with a green armband instead of the now-familiar yellow jersey. It took 19 days to race six stages and the first Tour de France was won by Frenchman Maurice Garin.

In 1967 – The Association is at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first of four weeks with Windy. It was the third Top 10 hit for the group and their second #1 after Cherish spent three weeks at #1 the previous year. Despite this early success, the Association would have just two more hits and were off the Top 40 for good by early 1968.

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