Daily Report – Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Sunday Bottom Ten returns to action this week. Recall last week we were too tired to be bothered to produce it, and this week’s thriller is a combination of items from the past fortnight.

The Sunday Bottom Ten is one of those things in life that leave you wondering what took you so long? We have, of course, been producing the football Bottom Ten columns for most of this century, and why a general interest Bottom Ten took so long to produce is not clear, except for the fact us writers write what inspires us because if we don’t we’re not writers we are typists. We had thought about one occasionally over the years, but the inspiration never really hit until earlier this year.

Things are generally pretty low key at Sparrow’s two overnight hotel jobs, but Hotel A takes center stage in today’s edition of The Diary of a Nobody, from a guy who simply cannot get enough vanilla creamer in his coffee to there not being any eggs or bacon for breakfast.

One year ago today The Thought for the Day featured a quote from President John F Kennedy, who talked about aiming for the top and not for second best.

On This Date: 
In 1885 – The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor. Made of copper and designed by French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, it was present from France to the United States. After some fundraising, construction of the pedestal and assembly, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in October of 1886.

In 1915 – George ‘Zip’ Zabel of the Chicago Cubs establishes the major league record for the longest relief appearance, pitching 18 1/3 innings as the Cubs beat the Brooklyn Robins – now known as the Dodgers – 4-3. Zabel had relieved starter Bert Humphries in the first inning when Humphries was unable to continue after taking a line drive off the hand.

In 1972 – Sammy Davis Jr’s The Candy Man, remains at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second of three weeks. Despite a prolific recording career, the charts were never particularly kind to the supremely talented Davis. The Candy Man was his only #1 hit, one of just two Top 10 hits and one of his eight Top 40 hits.

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