December 31, 2017

Valued Readers,

Big news! The columns – The Daily Dose and The Thought for the Day – will resume tomorrow! We didn’t think we took a whole month, but some research shows we did.

We needed the break. We had been producing ten columns a week – twelve during Bottom Ten season – and that’s a lot and we remember writing the last Thought for the Day thinking it was time for a break.

We’ll be back New Year’s Day, though, with a fresh Daily Dose and Thought for the Day. And there are still three (3) more weeks of hot Bottom Ten action, too. The Final NFL Bottom Ten will move Wednesday, then the following week you will have your chance to vote for The Bottom Ten Line of the Year and the winners will be announced during the first-ever Bottom Ten Tenny Awards, to be passed out in a two (2) weeks.

Happy Reading, and the best of the New Year to you,



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