Let’s Do It Again

Last year at our state convention I announced my intention to run for our US Senate nomination this year. Earlier this month our good friend Lily Tang Williams announced her candidacy for our US Senate nomination as well.

Good. As I like to say, only dictators run unopposed and I would not have violently objected to two or three others running as well, because Colorado Libertarians are entitled to as many qualified candidates as want to run. It’s good for the party and it’s good for the candidate, too, because nothing gets a candidate off the mark better than a good candidate running against you.

I did, of course, have the privilege of being our United States Senate nominee in 2014. We didn’t win, of course, however we didn’t do too badly, either. We received a bit more than 52,000 votes, only 800,000 or so behind the winner and the most votes ever received by a third-party candidate in a Colorado US Senate election.

I want to build on that this year. I spent about two cents per vote, which is pretty economical, and I believe the circumstances are ripe for making an even bigger difference this year.

I am running because I want four things for our country. I want these as an American citizen and not merely because I want you to vote for me at the state convention.

  • I want an America that is at peace both inside and outside her borders.
  • I want an American economy anchored in low taxes and free markets.
  • I want an America that no longer convicts the innocent.
  • I want an empowered American electorate.

We don’t have any of those things right now, and we will talk about each element in the days ahead. Having all four of these won’t make our country perfect, but they will go a long way towards making America great again.


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