May 8, 2018

Good morning friends,

Lot’s going on. Leading off, of course, is today’s Diary of a Nobody. Some funny stuff today, including The Wife returning from her house sitting duties, which has immediate repercussions for Sparrow, including folding the laundry.

Also, I did my first Facebook live session of the 2018 campaign season. Click here to see it. It’s about six minutes long and among other things we talk about some of the special interest emails I’ve been getting. It’s not too bad, tho after watching it it is plain I need to look at the camera more, a typical complaint when you have a face made for radio.

Also, my new ebook is available. It’s called We The People: Making America America again and it’s a non-partisan look at our country and our government. It looks at both the big picture and specific issues facing our country. Click here to read a sample and to purchase it for $3.99. It’s short and an easy read and you can probably finish it in one sitting.

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