October 25, 2017

Editor’s Note: scroll down to read today’s gems. The Links Department had the night off. 

The Holy Trinity again for you today, valued readers: On This Date, The Thought for the Day and The Bottom Ten/NFL Week 9.

Today on The Daily Dose we have some thoughts on Penn State football. We’ve always felt they got off light for harboring a child molester, and we still do.

One of the almost interesting aspects of writing The Daily Dose is the On This Date segment. We’ve always enjoyed and we think it’s useful to look back on History’s momentous events. That’s why no small part of the column is devoted to it.

Some days, however, have more history than others.  Some days see several noteworthy events off because we like to keep the column at a certain length, and then there are days like October 25, when there really isn’t a whole lot. Now, we weren’t reduced to writing about Mongol war conquests, but there was not an awful lot to choose from today.

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