The Daily Dose/Friday, October 12, 2018

The Daily Dose/October 12, 2018
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

In The News
Many years ago we plied the reporter’s trade at a small newspaper in the southern California desert and we follow news of missing journalists closer than most. The most recent is Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He was last seen October 2nd entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey while his fiance waited outside. No one has seen him since.

Turkish official claim Khashoggi was tortured, murdered and decapitated – perhaps in that order – with his body parts carried out of the consulate. They also allege this was done on order from the Saudi government. For their part, the Saudis have declared this accusation “baseless” but not “false” and further claim that Khashoggi left through the back door, though nobody really believes this. And, since nothing on the planet can be done without US interference, America has sent investigators over to completely muck things up.

This is bad. A free press is one the fundamental tenets of a free society. Now, the press may or may not be doing their job well. It’s not here in America right now where reporters have stopped reporting, preferring to entertain instead and we’ve always felt that they are directly responsible for Donald Trump being elected president. A real media would have Trump – a billionaire who needed attention – our of the race in a few days. Instead, the modern American press saw the ratings and clicks Candidate Trump generated and ushered him right into the primaries

But the press must be allowed to do their work and while reporters here in America don’t go missing, yet, we must remain vigilant and protective of our free press.

Today at the Site
Today on The Diary of a Nobody, Sparrow and The Wife go out to breakfast yet again, this time at the local breakfast place in their small town that was closed yesterday. Also, Sparrow attends a meeting of his Legion Post, his first as Past Commander.

I got a funny in when Pat’s phone went off and Rick said that would be a $5 fine and I said you know, it’s a joint meeting, it really should be a $10 fine which was got some laffs but is hardly a Line of the Year candidate.  

The Thought for the Day returns, with fresh commentary on a quote we’ve run before, from Rick Wallenda, about being on the wire.

But sometimes you fall off the wire…

On This Date
In 1960 – Inejiro Asanuma, the leader of Japan’s Socialist Party, is assassinated while speaking at a televised debate by a young man who stabbed him with a sword in the left side of his upper body. The assassin, 17-year-old Otoya Yamaguchi, who was not a fan of socialism, was captured immediately and would commit suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell three weeks later.

In 1986 – The Boston Red Sox, trailing 5-2 and three outs away from losing the American League Championship Series to the California Angels, rally for four runs in the ninth and ultimately win Game 5 in extra innings 7-6. The Red Sox were a strike away from losing when Dave Henderson hit a two-run home run giving Boston the lead. The Angels tied in the bottom of the ninth, but Henderson’s sacrifice fly gave the Red Sox the lead in the 11th. The Red Sox would win the final two games in Boston by a combined score of 18-5.

In 1963 – Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs are at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 with Sugar Shack.  The song also went to #1 in Australia and was the last #1 song on Billboard’s soul chart before the chart took a 14-month hiatus. Sugar Shack spent five weeks at #1 and was Billboard’s #1 song for 1963.

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
John J “Black Jack” Pershing is only other US Army officer to attain the rank of General of the Armies. He as appointed in 1919 and served until his retirement in 1924.

Today’s Stumper
After Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs, who was the next American group to have the year-end  #1 song? – Answer next time!

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