The Daily Dose/Monday, November 12, 2018

The Daily Dose/November 12, 2018
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

In The News
It seems to us that stories fade from view quicker than in the past, so here is the latest on the death of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi, which we – here in America at least – haven’t heard too much about. Recall Khashoggi who was last seen entering the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey last month.

Source: Aljazeera

  • Khashoggi is still dead. The Saudi government has given up denying Khashoggi was killed in the consulate.
  • Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently said those responsible will be found and punished. The staff here at In The News doesn’t believe that any more than you do.
  • There is suspicion that Khashoggi was suffocated with a bag over his head, the dismembered and the remains tossed in acid. Reports indicate that the Turks have made a recording of the killing available to the Saudi’s, Americans, British, Germans and French.
  • Some European countries have gotten their shots in a knot over this and have suspended arms sales to Saudi Arabia, but not everyone. The Americans and British, among others, continue to sell arms to the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia may well brazen their way through this without significant consequence. While the US and France went through the motions of demanding Saudi accountability this past weekend, and some malcontents are still making a fuss over it, time is the Saudi’s friend and the longer the world collectively continues to go without making too much of a fuss over this, the greater the chance no one will be held accountable for Khashoggi’s murder.

Today At The Site
The Diary of a Nobody: Sparrow continues to get mileage out of his soon-to-be classic “my old teeth looked like an archaeological dig” line at the retailer, plus he is given some options on what days he works at Hotel C. 

I spent no small amount of time on my treasured Aisle 5 tonight and I was swamped…Key to being swamped is to be the only register open…I am not making that up!!!…That is all it takes, even if you’re dead slow like we’ve been since summer ended…

The Thought for the Day: In an encore from September of last year, Louis L’Amour talks about us humans hardly realizing what we can become. 

But once you muster the courage to go and climb and you find the patience to stick with it, you will find that all things will come to you, that what was meant to happen in your life generally will happen. 

On This Date
In 1912 – The bodies of British explorer Robert Falcon Scott and two of his men are found by a search party on the Ross Ice Shelf. The expedition had made the South Pole in January, only to discover the expedition led by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen had already been there. Scott and his men had made their final camp on March 19th and are believed to have died on either March 29th or March 30th.

In 1892 – William “Pudge” Heffelfinger becomes the first professional football player in America when he is paid $500 (about $13,800 in today’s dollars) by the Alleghany Athletic Association (AAA) for their game against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. Heffelinger, a guard, scored the only touchdown, on a recovered fumble, as the AAA won 4-0. From 188-91 Heffelfinger had played at Yale, where he had also lettered in rowing, baseball and track

In 1983 – All Night Long by Lionel Richie is at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first of four consecutive weeks. The song was also in the fourth week of a seven-week stay atop the Billboard’s soul chart- then known as the Hot Black Singles chart – and All Night Long also went to #1 in South Africa, Holland and Australia. It was Richie’s third solo #1 on the Hot 100 and his second on the soul chart.

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
The qualification least issued by the US military is the Astronaut Badge. Each branch designs their own, and NASA awards them to civilians.

Today’s Stumper
Where was the first professional football team in America located? – Answer next time!

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