The Daily Dose/Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Daily Dose/November 24, 2018
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

In The News
Official In The News Memo:

Fr: In The News
To: The GOP
Re: Why are you guys still around?

Guys, it is time for you to roll over and call it a day. You are long past the point where you are doing our country or yourselves any good. Your list of sins, in no particular order, is long.

You are finishing two years of having control of the White House and Congress, a splendid opportunity to do some good, but you took a flier on doing good. You did produce a tax cut, but that didn’t go half as far as it should have: the government will continue to take more of our money than they are entitled to. Other than that, nothing. You have ensured that our government remains a partisan, fractured and bickering mess. Two wasted years, because in January you lose control of the House of Representatives.

You have stood around scratching your collective noses while the president has and continues to mock protocol, decency and good sense. His only real talent is drawing attention to himself and you could have put this to work for you. You could have stood up to him and said look, we’re going to pass some bills that will do our country some good, you are going to sign them and take the credit and you will live down the ages. But nobody did. Through all the insults and lies, you stood by shrugging.

Your shameful acceptance of his, our, shameful accessory-after-the-fact performance in the murder of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi is the final straw. Nobody in America, save for a few whackjobs like us, is getting worked up over this. Some of you are making a fuss, but no one is yelling too loudly. You are accepting this as the cost of doing business. The Saudis are going to get away with murder. Sure, if enough people get their shorts in a knot some hapless fifth cousin twice removed will be trotted out and offered as a sacrifice, but the real culprits will never be called to account.

You have not produced a decent elected president Eisenhower. Ford did well under circumstances the Son of Man would have challenging, but he wasn’t elected. Plot a graph from Eisenhower to Trump and you have a perpendicular line and friends, it ain’t going up.

The party of Lincoln has left the country, and it’s time for the GOP to call it a day.

Today at the Site
The Diary of a Nobody
: Sparrow encounters his first-ever dreidel, and there are a lot of leftover dinner rolls at The Shire. Today’s Diary.

…I’d never heard of a dreidel until two minutes ago, but here’s Jasmine, your retailer self-checkout professional, singing songs about them…Later, Jasmine brought a torn dollar bill to the service desk for a tape job and, feigning peevishness, I asked if she needed a dreidel.

The Thought for the Day: A friend of mine from Senegal named Moussa has today’s Thought, about no one saying no.

He noted that Africa has had a lot of dictators over the years and that African dictators always mean bad things for African people.

On This Date
In 1963 – Lee Harvey Oswald, who had assassinated President John F Kennedy two days earlier, is himself murdered, shot to death in Dallas by Jack Ruby. The shooting occurred in the basement of the Dallas police building as Oswald was walking to a van to be transported to the county jail. Ruby was convicted and sentenced to death, but the conviction was overturned on appeal and Ruby died in early 1967 in jail while awaiting a new trial.

In 1960 – Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors sets a new NBA record with 55 rebounds in a game against the Boston Celtics. The old record had been held by Boston’s Bill Russell, who had 49 rebounds in a 1957 game and then 51 rebounds in a February 1960 game. The record still stands – and may well never be broken. The Celtics won the game 132-129.

In 2018 – After an unprecedented 50 weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, Meant To Be by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line falls to #2, yielding to Lose It by Kane Brown. Meant To Be had been #1 since December 16, 2017 and 50 weeks is the longest stretch any single has spent at #1 on any Billboard chart. It falls short – so far, it’s chart run is far from over – of the all-time Billboard chart record for Most Weeks at #1, 54 weeks the soundtrack from West Side Story spent at #1 on the album chart in 1962-63.

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
The late November observance of Thanksgiving in America superseded the observance of Evacuation Day on November 25, the day in 1783 when the British left New York City after the American Revolution.

Today’s Stumper
What player has the most rebounds in an NBA game played in the 21st century? – Answer Next Time!

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