The Daily Dose/Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Daily Dose/October 9, 2018
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

In The News
As headlines go, it was you don’t see too often:

Painting Sold At Auction Self-Destructs

We were curious, too, so we clicked on the article. Turns out a painting by one Banksy of a girl reaching out for a red balloon that had just sold at a London auction for $1.4 million had attempted to, and partially succeeded at, self-destructing. Immediately after the sale, the painting slid towards the bottom of the frame where a shredder, of all things, was waiting for it. About half the painting was shredded and it was quickly hustled away. The auction house says it had nothing to do with it, Banksy prefers to lay low and isn’t saying and the buyer is anonymous.

Banksy is based in England and no one is entirely certain of who he is, though there appears to be a solid guess out there. Though termed a street artist, vandal would also be appropriate, too, because a lot of his work is, graffiti. In 2011 Banksy was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary category.

As we write this, no one is entirely sure what the heck happened, including whether or not the buyer is obliged to fork over his $1.4 million. We’re not experts on the matter, but you do not have to be Rembrandt to suspect he may well pay it without objection because the notoriety may well drive up its price, making his purchase a good investment.

Today at the Site
Today on The Diary of a Nobody, Sparrow gives his hair one final field test before the candidate’s forum, giving it a thorough washing and putting some Brylcreem in it…He also frets about being asked a question he knows nothing about. The Diary of a Nobody is free this week, to go and get to know Sparrow.

I went with Brylcreem for today’s field test…I’ve been using it the longest and, frankly, I will probably go with it tomorrow, tho we can’t count out Groom and Clean just yet…Vitalis is out of the running because I am out of Vitalis and I don’t know if I will replace it…It had a nice run, but how many hair tonics does a guy need, especially a guy with as little up top as I have???

The status quo reigns supreme on The Bottom Ten/NCAA Week 7, as the top five positions remained unchanged, as the race for the ESPNCup, symbolic of Bottom Ten supremacy, remains one of the tightest in years. We usually charge for The Bottom Ten, but it’s Read Free Week, so go enjoy it now.

All eyes are on Division III Earlham this week, as the two-time defending holders of the Continental Cup – issued to team with the longest all-division losing streak in NAFTA’s sphere-of-influence – can tie the all-time Division III record this week with their 50th consecutive loss.

The Thought for the Day is still enjoying some time off, but we have an encore for you today, from tightrope walker Rick Wallenda, who has some thoughts on being on the wire. Click here to read it.

Because when we have them we are generally showing ourselves and the world that we are trying to better ourselves, to do something we haven’t done or be someone we’ve never been.

On This Date
In 1967 – Marxist revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara is executed in Bolivia for attempting to incite riots in that country. Guevara had become interested in the revolution racket after touring poverty-stricken areas a young medical student and he became determined to fight the capitalists that preyed on these people. Guevara was shot in a hut by an army sergeant with bad aim and Guevara was initially shot in the arms and legs. The sergeant then killed Guevara with a shot to the chest.

In 1919 – The Cincinnati Reds defeat the Chicago White Sox 10-5 in Game 8 of the World Series, winning the series five games to three. There were rumors the White Sox were throwing the series even then and, of course, eight White Sox would be accused of accepting money to throw the series, known to History as the Black Sox Scandal.

In 1962 – Ray Charles is at #1 on the Billboard Hot 1o0 for the second of three times with Hit The Road Jack. The song would spend two weeks at the top. Charles also had 11 number one hits on the R&B chart and one number one, with Willie Nelson, on the country chart.

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
To date, 3,502 men have been awarded 3,521 Medals of Honor. Of the 19 who have won two awards, 14 have won the award for separate actions, while five have won both the Army and Navy medals for the same event.

Today’s Stumper
Who was the first person to earn separate Medals of Honor in different wars? – Answer next time!

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