Thursday, May 24, 2018

A question we get from time to time is how did Sparrow – the hero of The Diary of a Nobody – get his name.

An easy answer. Readers of Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir know there is a rather prominent character named X-Ray, so named because no one in the book is ID’d by their real name. X-Ray’s real last name is Sparrow, and he never uses his first name, either. Now you know.

In today’s Diary of a Nobody Sparrow get’s a haircut, says goodbye to The Wife for a week then goes out to lunch…Plus there is actually something to report from his labors at the hotel.

There are two Thoughts for the Day for you today. One year ago Woody Allen talked about an artist’s vision always being deeper than that of his audience while two years ago a quote from The Lord of the Rings was featured. Both have the usual witless commentary from me you’ve come to know and love.

On This Date:
In 1607: 100 settlers establish the Jamestown colony in Virginia. It is the first permanent English settlement in the New World.

In 1880: Roger Connor of the Troy Trojans (NL) hits his first major league home run. He would finish with 138 home runs, the all-time ML record until broken by Babe Ruth.

In 1975: Earth Wind and Fire has their first #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 with Shining Star. Though they would hit the Top 10 six more times, this would be their only #1 song.

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