The Daily Dose/Wednesday, October 9

The Daily Dose/October 9, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

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Notes from around the human experience…

USA! USA!: It’s not reasonable to expect an impeachment investigation of a US president to be anything other than cantankerous and partisan. It’s the nature of the impeachment beast. So the White House’s announcement that it will not cooperate with any aspect of the House investigation – which itself might well end up as an article of impeachment – is hardly a bulletin. 

The announcement was contained in a letter from presidential counsel Pat Cipollone to House leaders, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. We read the letter which, like the Trump Administration itself, is a lot of blather and nothing of any particular substance. The letter does not cite legal precedent – because it can’t – or even any logical argument. 

Anyone Have A Tissue Handy? The letter whines about the House not taking a vote before proceeding with the investigation stating, in part: 

…you have denied the President the right to cross-examine witnesses, to call witnesses, to receive transcripts of testimony, to have access to evidence, to have counsel present, and many other basic rights guaranteed to all Americans.

Dry, Technical Matter: So what? The House is not required to provide any of these things, the Constitution allowing the House to go about its impeachment business however it sees fit. The House is conducting an impeachment inquiry, not a criminal investigation. The only penalty that can be bestowed following conviction by the United States Senate is civil – removal from office – and not criminal and rights afforded the criminally accused are not required here.  

LOL: The final paragraph calls the House proceedings constitutionally illegitimate, cites the “many deficiencies” cited and implores the House to abandon its “current invalid efforts”. 

Fly In The Ointment: The letter does point out that House GOP leaders have not been given the same subpoena power the Democrats have. OK…Two points: 1) they don’t have to provide that and,  2) the White House has pledged not to cooperate, so this point is moot. 

Final Thought: It is not really surprising the Trump Administration and the American people have been reduced to this because Trump’s presidency has been as embarrassing as his candidacy. From Day 1 President Trump has flouted and ignored precedent, protocol and good sense. He has never had a long-term vision for America probably because he’s never had a long-term vision for himself: his only goal is to draw as much attention to himself as possible, something he does supremely well. 

Editor’s note: the entire letter referenced above can be read here.

Today At The Site:
The Diary of a Nobody
Sparrow checks out a homeless guest at the hotel. Today’s Diary. 

Like other homeless I’ve come across over the years – like my late brother – he was cordial and well-spoken and I found myself wondering why he was homeless…Really, tho, there’s no doubt; I have experience in these matters: he did not want the responsibility of providing for himself

I once asked a guy about this…It was at a gas station in Sin City and he was hitting me up for some money…Same deal: polite and well-spoken…He shrugged and all but said yeah, well, you know and provided neither reason nor excuse for his homelessness…Like my brother, he didn’t want the bother of providing food and shelter…There are people like that in this world…As it was, I recall giving the guy a few bucks. 

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life.

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On This Date
In 1874 – The Treaty of Bern, establishing the General Postal Union, is signed in Bern, Switzerland by 21 nations, including the United States. The treaty replaced postal agreements between individual countries and established the free exchange of international mail. Renamed the Universal Postal Union a few years later, it is now an agency of the UN. Nations and territories that are not members generally have their mail routed through a member nation. 

In 2005 – The Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves establish a new major league record for the longest postseason game, with the Astros winning 7-6 in 18 innings to win their division series 3 games to 1. The game broke the record of 16 innings established by the Astros and New York Mets in Game 6 of the 1986 National League Championship Series and the record still stands, now shared with Game 2 of the 2014 National League Division Series between the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals and Game 3 of the 2018 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

In 1976 – Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band are at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the only week with A Fifth of Beethoven, based on Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony #5. The song also went to #1 in Canada, peaked at #10 on Billboard’s soul and disco charts, was Billboard’s tenth biggest song of the year and remains his only #1 song. Though not a staple on the charts, Murphy, now 66, has had a long, award-winning career composing film and television scores.

A few people reason, but all people feel.
Louis L’Amour
Education of a Wandering Man

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Alvin C York, a Medal of Honor winner in World War I, was commissioned a major in the Army Signal Corps for World War II, touring training camps and participating bond drives.

Today’s Stumper
On the Billboard Hot 100 chart of Oct. 9, 1976 nine of the acts in the Top 10 were white, a curiosity that began the previous week and would last until Nov. 13 when the Commodores and the Spinners would both be in the Top 10. Who was the only Top 10 act to have black members the week of Oct. 9? – Answer next time!


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