The Daily Dose/November 16, 2016 By Gaylon Kent

The Day in Trump; Oh say can you sit.

The Daily Dose/November 14, 2016
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Foremost Humorist

THE DAY IN TRUMP: President-elect Donald Trump showed his willingness to heal wounds caused by his childish, insulting and fractious campaign by naming far-right hero Steven Bannon as a senior strategist. Bannon ran Trump’s presidential campaign from the time he became CEO in August, right through until Election Day.

The Destruction Of America Continues: Bannon’s resume for service in the Trump Administration is strong. His three marriages have yielded three divorces and in 1996 faced misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and dissuading a witness charges, however the charges were dismissed when his then-wife didn’t show up to court.

A Ringing Endorsement: No less an authority on trying to ruin American, former KKK imperial wizard David Duke, called the choice “excellent”.

Once More, With Feeling: President-elect Donald Trump. Keep practicing, because President Trump is right around the corner.

OH, SAY, CAN YOU SIT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans become the latest professional athlete to protest everything that needs to be protested in this country by sitting during the national anthem before Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

Get Your Official Daily Dose Policy Right Here: We don’t particularly care whether athletes sit, stand or kneel during the national anthem. We hope they don’t scratch themselves or wipe their ass, but one of the reasons we served was to defend everyone’s right to express themselves as they see fit. You want to burn a flag or sit during the national anthem, knock yourself out.

By The By: There’s no shortage of things to protest in this country and completely lost our minds and protested, too, this election season by running for Congress, though we only received five percent of the vote.

Now Hear This: We personally do not sit or kneel during the national anthem. We have a high level of respect for our national anthem and we issue a hand salute whenever we hear it played. That doesn’t mean we expect everyone else to feel the same way, though.

Well, That Was Effective: Evans would later apologize for exercising his right to free speech and announced he would fall back into line by standing for further national anthems. His statement included an apology to those currently in the service and to veterans, though as a general rule no American saying what’s on their mind owes anyone an apology.

ON THIS DATE: 168 Spaniards, led by Francisco Pizarro, defeat nearly 8,000 Incas in what is now Peru on this date in 1532.

The Spaniards and the Incas had gotten off to a bad start. At first meeting the Incas had offered a golden chalice of a favored ceremonial beverage. Pizarro was so moved by this gesture he poured the beverage on the ground and Incan Emperor Atahualpa was similarly unimpressed with a letter from King Charles V of Spain.

The pair met again on November 16. When Atahualpa refused to pay tribute to Charles V or to convert to Christianity, the Spaniards attacked.

Great Moments In Arming For Battle: Though hopelessly out numbered, the Spaniards task made easier by the fact the Incas had shown up for battle armed only with knives for hunting llamas.

Get Out Your History Books: Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics establishes NBA records for most rebounds in a half (32) and a game (49) on this date in 1957. Russell broke the single-game rebounding record of 39 set by Neil Johnston of Philadelphia in 1954.

Oh Yeah: The Celtics moved to 11-0 on the season with a 111-89 win over the Philadelphia Warriors. They had won their first NBA title the previous season, but would lose to the NBA title to the St Louis Hawks this season.

Dry, Technical Matter: Russell’s record for most rebounds in a half still stands, he would extend his own single-game record with 51 rebounds in a February, 1960 game. Wilt Chamberlain would break that record in November of 1960 with 55 rebounds in a game against Boston. This record still stands.

3…2…1…Blastoff: The Soviet Union sends Venera 3 into space on this date in 1965.

And while the United States would win the race to first put men on the moon, Venera 3 reflected great credit on the Motherland by becoming the first spacecraft to land on another planet when it crashed into the surface of Venus the following March.

Is This Mic On?: Humans send an interstellar radio message to star cluster 25,000 light-years away on this date in 1972.

Known as the Aricebo Message, because it was sent from the Aricebo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, the message will take 25,000 years to reach star cluster M13.

Packing List Enclosed: Instead of sending useful things like rock music and pictures of babes, the message consisted of crap most of us don’t even understand, like DNA codes and atomic numbers of assorted elements.

Fly In The Ointment: And though group was smart enough to send a message to stars a long ways away, they weren’t bright enough to send the message to where the stars would be 25,000 years from now. They were sent to the cluster’s location when the message was sent, though in fairness to organizers the difference isn’t all that great and will still result in the message more or less hitting the target.

Thought For The Day: Time fleeing with a speed nothing can alter!. – Jules Verne, Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Answer To The Last Trivia Question: The Beatles biggest selling single on the British chart was She Loves You, which sold 1.9 million copies in 1963.

Today’s Stumper: Who has the most rebounds in an NBA game by someone not named Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell?  – Answer next time!


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