The Thought for the Day – Jules Verne

Time fleeing with a speed nothing can alter! Jules Verne, Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Jules Verne was a French writer. He found his father’s profession, attorney, boring, and decided to become a writer and, of course, is still widely read today. He is the planet’s second most translated writer, following only Agatha Christie. His place in the pantheon of our species great writers is as well-earned as is it secure.

Time may not always seem to flee. Sometimes it seems to drag on interminably.

But it really does flee. How many times have we found ourselves wondering where the time went? It could be anything from a memorable event ending all too soon or a life concuding.

Time fleeing…

Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours and the hours pass into days, weeks and years. The years sneak up on you and become decades. The decades become your life.

Will you have a life well-lived or a life squandered to show for your time on this planet? Only you can answer that.

It is up to us to make sure the weeks and years do not pass aimlessly. Nothing is worse is looking back on what might have been. We owe it to ourselves and our fellow humans to make our time serve us. Every one of us has 24 hours each day. It is the only commodity each of us is issues in equal measure. Those who lead the most satisfying lives spend those 24 hours utilizing their time and their talents to live the life they were meant to live. They are not looking back wondering what might have been because they did. They followed their hearts and trusted their instincts.

Time is going to flee. There is no stopping that. Today is here and tomorrow it is gone, replaced by another today, another relentless 24-hours we can either force to serve us or that we can squander serving a 24-hour sentence.


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