The Daily Dose/Monday, April 8, 2019

The Daily Dose/April 8, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

Leading Off
One thing you have to admire about President Donald Trump is his consistency. From the day he first announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination two things have been clear: his only real talent is drawing attention to himself and he has no regard for truth or accuracy. He says whatever happens to be resting on the top of his head, whether or not it’s true.

And we’re accepting it. It would be funny if Trump were some adorable old fart we elected because he made us feel good, but he’s not. Our president is a mean, vindictive person who is the most divisive president in any of our lifetimes. Sure, the Associated Press, and others, run regular fact check columns showing where the president is misinformed or maybe out and out lying, and some whackjob hacks get their shorts in a knot over it, but by and large we Americans are accepting Trump’s wholesale falsehoods and are not demanding better.

We do agree, though, with Trump’s overall goal of making America great again and if we want to do that we must do two things. First, baby steps because America must first become average before we can become great again. The America that won World War II and put men on the moon and brought them home again long ago left the building. Our country is a partisan, fractured and bickering mess, more so than at any time except, perhaps, for the years before the Civil War and the 1960s.

Second, vote for someone other than a Republican or a Democrat in 2020. Voting for the status quo is only going to destroy our country. There is no way a government without Republicans or Democrats can do worse because thanks to Republicans and Democrats our country has been at war every day for the last 30 years and we are mindlessly in debt, two factors that will eventually destroy our country, perhaps before this half-century is out.

America cannot continue with perpetual war and mindless debt with impunity. The longer we tolerate it at the ballot box, the closer America comes to self-destructing.

Today At The Site
The Diary of a Nobody
It’s Sunday Spaghetti Night (SSN) at The Shire, while at the hotel Sparrow runs into a guest that appears to be high. Today’s Diary. 

Anyway, the vending machines must have been more than he could handle because he was at the front desk waiting to purchase some snacks from the sundry stand: a Choco-Taco, Oreos, ice cream, a Hot Pocket, and some water…$10.50 worth of post-weed munchies and why he didn’t throw in some of the high-end, hand-crafted potato chips is still not clear…

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On This Date
In 1913 – The 17th Amendment becomes part of the United States Constitution following ratification by Connecticut. The amendment provides for the popular election of United States senators where previously they had been elected by state legislatures. Congress had sent the amendment to the several states for ratification in May 1912 and the proposal was rejected by Utah, while Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, and South Carolina have so far declined to take action in the measure.

In 1974 – Henry Aaron of the Atlanta Braves becomes baseball’s all-time home run leader, hitting career home run 715 at home in a 7-4 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Aaron’s home run came in the fourth inning off of Al Downing and broke Babe Ruth’s record of 714. Aaron’s record would last until 2007 when it was broken by San Francisco’s Barry Bonds.

In 1967 – Aretha Franklin is at #1 on Billboard’s soul chart – then known as the Hot Rhythm and Blues Singles chart – for the third of seven consecutive weeks with I Never Loved a Man (The Way That I Love You). It was the first of a record 20 #1 songs on the soul chart, a mark she shares with Stevie Wonder, and Franklin would have two more #1 soul hits in 1967, spending a total of 17 weeks at the top. I Never Loved a Man also peaked at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

In times like these, it helps to remember there have always been times like these.
Paul Harvey

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
The second #1 song produced by the Footloose soundtrack was Let’s Hear It For the Boy by Deniece Williams.

Today’s Stumper
When did Henry Aaron hit his first major league home run? – Answer next time!


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